Retinol Age-Defying Facial Kit set -12pc


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1. Anti-Aging
2. Anti-Wrinkle
3. Youthful Glow
4. Hydration
5. Deep Cleansing
6. Acne Correction
Items: 12PCs
1.Retinols Facial Cleanser
2. Retinols Face Serum
3. Retinols Night Cream
4. Retinols Face Toner
5. Retinols Lotion
6. Retinols Eye Cream
7. 6 Pcs Retinols Ampoule (high Concentration Bottles)
How to Use
1. Wash your Face– Use Retinols Cleanser and lukewarm water to wash your face. This is used for exfoliating your skin and getting rid of any dead skin cells.
2. Use a Toner– Apply a toner immediately after cleaning your face. Toner helps in restoring the PH balance.
3 Use Ampoules or Serum: For bottled ampoule, squeeze our a few tiny drops onto your clean fingertips. Ampoules should be used only if you skin needs immediate relief from crisis.
Apply your ampoule. Massage the ampoule gently all over your face. Keep massaging until your skin absorbs ALL of the liquid. .
4. Top it up with serum or essence– Apply essence or serum after massaging the ampoule if ampoule has been used. In case your skin doesn’t need Ampoule, use serum directly after toner.


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